Zero Number Rd, Anand Gram, Ghitorni, Chatarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110074 +919782866234
Z+ 1st MLM Company. Who Starting with More then 1,000 Own Manufacturing Products With Brand Name Z+
More then 10,000 Job work Products With Brand Name Z+
More then 1,00,000 Market Products With Discounted Price
Z+ 1st MLM Company. Who Starting within 115 Acres of Land (50,09,400 Squre Feets ) of which
15 Acres of Land fully Constructed and use in Manufacturing Before Lunching.
100 Acres of Land ready for expantation of project.
Z+ 1st MLM Company. Who engage in MSS Including MLM. (MSS:-Multy Shopping System) (MLM:- Multy Lable marketing)
Z+ 1st MLM Company. Based on QQRP (Quality Quantity Rate & Price)
Z+ 1st MLM Company. Who deals BNL. (Basic neceesity of Life)
Z+ 1st MLM Company. 1st Generatation Plan With Limitation For joining (its Helpfull for Down Line).
Z+ 1st MLM Company. 1st co. In which Have Not compalsarry purchase and sale
Z+ 1st MLM Company. z+ Conssumer Discount Instentlly Deducted From Purchase Value.
Z+ 1st MLM Company. Selling is not function of Member for Earn In Business, Only Promotation is required.
(Sales and distributation Chain is seperate from Main Cource of business. Means its optional with Franchieses Model.)
Z+ 1st MLM Company. World 1st Co. Who Reserve for Bigeners (free Purchase & Cash in Voilet)
Z+ 1st MLM Company. 1st MLM co. In which members ID Green with purchasing of Grocery items With Best Price.
Z+ 1st MLM Company. 1st MLM co. Whoes DP price must be Less then Market Goods price. (See Details)
(Like PDW 1 Ltr. (20/-) is 16/-, Salt (10/-) is 9/-, Agarbati (10/-) is 9/-, Mustered oil (125/-) is 115/- etc.)
(Also we have a Seperate Price Comprison Dipartment In Each District where Head Quaters are open.) (See Details)
Double income Plan For Car & House Fund.
World Esiest plan
Introducer bonus is equally Devided in 9 Lable , after Deducting 1st Lable Bonus.
Promotional Income is equally Devided in10 Lable
Performance bonus is equally Devided in 10 Lable . (no Headeque of incrsing Commission like 3% to 6%
All Other Income are start at a time After Directorship.
No left right, No Matching Income, No Side Maintain,
Auto Green Facility. (your small purchases are also calculated for ID Auto Green.)
no need to compulsory purchase for ID green at one time.
10 Leg Income plan (its esy to calculate your income)
NO TARGET (becouse targeted sale for increase our percentage Lable are Creat unnecesery Purchase & Stock & Bock Money)
Where new comers are equil importance with senior , and seniour income Never 0%
Where Help me & socila Service fund Seperatelly Available.
based on QQRP, Where Products Preferance More important With Compare to Motivation.
after 10 leg No Commission, No Reward, No Bonus From FRESH Joinning But if any fresh joinning
within 10 leg then Income are same as Previous, and also commission upto 10 leg are continue.
AND also afterRetirement as universal director, he is a Shreholder(Owner) of Z+ and 50% of total
Net profit are Divided in Universal director.
Means Hum wo sab banatain han , jo aap kitchen main pakatain hain.
Isleye hum swadist aur santulit de patain hain.
1st Shoping Mall/Mart 1st co. Where GM also avail Consumer discount. (without pay for membership)
1st co. Whoes HO & RO in NE , ASSAM(Kamrup) And Branch Office in Delhi, Mumbai, chenai, Kolkata
Ahmedabad, Banglore, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Kushinagar.
1st co. Who provide spacial benifit for ladies for Distributation at the scheme of GGD (100% Reserve)
1st co. Practible for all (PC,MC,UC) Business man, service man, Student etc becouse we have three
category of goods Regular, Premium, Exclusive. Isliye our sologun is
1st co. Whoes Software is also inhouse with all products of Grocery and Cosmetics.
1st online Shoping Where Before Purchase of Online shopping Some One Other may Trial at District HQ Mall.
Z+ 1st MLM Company. 1st co. Who Deals in Fruits & Vegitable also
1st online Shoping 1st co. Who Deliver to Your Home within 2 Hour in Selected Place.
1st Franchise system Where all category of shop available(*, **,***,****,*****, GGD,HDAD )(From 20,000/- to 1 crore)
with Dipatmental Store, mart, mall, HDAD, GGD Etc.
1st co. Who engae in manufacturing in Grocery, Cosmetics, Sweets, Namkin, Beverages etc.
1st co. Who Deal in SS Fabrication, UPVC, Tina, Profile Tina, TMT Bar, Cement,Paints, snitery Fittings,
Tala, plaster paries
1st shopping Mall Where Various catogery of shop are available Seperatelly ,Like
Grocery & Cosmetics.
home Appliance & Kitchen Were
Clothing (Kids Were, Ladies Were, Gents Were, Home Were. Winter Collection,)
Footwere & Socks
Mobile Assoceries.
Electricals & Electronics
Begs & Luggege
Home Decoratation
Gadda & Takia